Tabata Alternatives

tabata-alternativesTabata Training is not the only High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT method, in fact it was not the first and certainly wont be the last. Below we have listed all of the interval training methods with a brief description of each. We will be adding to this list to provide comprehensive details for the individual alternatives.





The Gibala Method

Developed by a Canadian professor in 2009, this programme involves eight to 12 cycles of one-minute bursts of exercise.

The Fartlek method

This Swedish system is a mixture of continuous and high-intensity training. Sessions are 45 minutes long. Runner’s World

The Timmons regime

Four sets of gentle exercise are followed by 20-second high-intensity bursts. Developed by the British academic Prof Peter Timmons. Loughborough University

The Little Method

The Tremblay Method

Turbulence Training

The Olson Method