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Welcome to your complete guide to the Tabata Method. We are a new site focussed on everything associated with the interval training method known as the Tabata Protocol and often called the Four Minute Workout.

This site came about from a conversation with one of my training buddies who is a big runner, triathelete and one of the fittest 58 year olds I know. He mentioned that he was going to a tabata class, and being a fitness enthusiast or some might say nutter I was disappointed that I had not heard of this technique first…and so I started digging.

I found out it has a huge following, and it is a quick and killer workout. If you are short of time and want a fast way to get seriously fit or want to spice up your training with an extreme endorphine hit like no other then you are at the right place…hope you enjoy! Be warned this workout is not for the faint hearted!

My aim is this is going to be THE SITE for tabata and all forms of interval training, so I hope you enjoy.

Tabata in a nutshell

In a nutshell and in its most basic form the Tabata Method is 20 seconds of hard training followed by 10 seconds of rest repeated 8 times. Hence the alternative name of the 4 minute workout (8 x 20 seconds effort + 8 x 10 second rest = 4 minutes). We have a comprehensive guide to the Tabata Protocol as well as information about the tabata timer.

It is a bit of a strange name?

The name comes from the original author of the study around this interval training method called Izumi Tabata. His paper was published in 1996 and so has been around for 17 years but is seeing a lot of renewed interest. If you want to know a bit more about the history of tabata training have a look here.

Now if you are new to this method and would like to know more we will have posts for those just starting and also for those more experienced that want the most up-to-date information and research.